Fitbit Inspire 4 Release Date, Price, Specifications and Rumors.

In the ever-evolving world of fitness technology, Fitbit has been a reliable name, consistently pushing the boundaries of what health and fitness enthusiasts can achieve with wearable devices. With the previous success of the Inspire series, the Fitbit Inspire 4 has generated considerable excitement. In this article, the Fitbit Inspire 4 Release Date in September 2023?

Fitbit Inspire 4 Release Date
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Fitbit Inspire 4 Release Date In September 2023?

Fitbit Release Dates:

  • Fitbit Inspire 2: Released in September 2020.
  • Fitbit Inspire 3: Launched on September 22, 2022.
  • Fitbit Inspire 4 Release Date in September 2024?

the Fitbit Inspire 4 Release Date in September 2023? Most probability is going to be true because the last Fitbit inspire 3 Release on September 2022. And Fitbit inspire 4 price is 99$.

“So, if you’re looking to get in shape and lose weight, and you want to buy a Fitbit but you’re on a budget, the brand new Fitbit Inspire 4 might be the right fitness band for you. With a new color display, heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, a 10-day battery life, and a proven track record of helping people get healthy, Fitbit’s always a really easy recommendation as a smartwatch reviewer.

But here’s the thing: even though this is an affordable option relative to most smartwatches, it’s still a very competitive space. There are so many other fitness trackers out there that are selling for a fraction of the price. So, does Fitbit justify their $99 price tag with their suite of features and their app?

Fitbit inspire 4 Display:

Regarding Fitbit inspire 4 display visibility, it’s easy to read indoors, and it performs well outdoors in most conditions, although there might be some glare in extremely bright sunlight. The device has various display settings, including an always-on display mode, which affects battery life.

The display is new, so unlike the old black and white displays on the Inspire 3, we now have a color display. Easy to see in bright daylight, great color on here, and it does actually have an always-on display option as well.

So if you don’t want a black screen on your wrist, you can have the always-on display, which does reduce your battery to about three and a half days for my testing. On the side, you’ll see that we do kind of have these little sensors right there.

There are some force sensors to pinch it, so there’s no physical button on here, but you pinch it, and that’s your way to go back home.

But one other thing to note is, I mentioned the other watch bands. You can also wear this Fitbit has a little clip that you can wear and just like put it on your shirt or on a backpack or on your belt, and so that’s a great way to kind of track your movement, track your steps, obviously not your heart rate, but it’s a good way to track it if you don’t want to wear it on your wrist.

Fitbit inspire 4 Battery performance.

Speaking of battery life, Fitbit claims it can last up to 10 days with default settings. In my testing, it lasted 11 days with moderate usage, including workouts.

Enabling gesture mode or the always-on display will reduce battery life to around 5 to 7 days, which is still respectable. The Fitbit Inspire 3 comes with both small and large straps in the box.

Outdoor workouts use connected GPS, relying on your phone’s GPS for tracking. GPS accuracy depends on your phone’s capabilities. The built-in accelerometer can estimate distance for walking and running workouts. It proved surprisingly accurate in my testing.

Fitbit Inspire 4 specification

Here’s the extracted specifications from the content:

Fitbit Inspire 4 Features:

  • Health tracking capabilities, including heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen saturation, skin temperature, and heart rate variability.
  • Full-color touchscreen display with swipe navigation.
  • Up to 10 days of battery life (may vary with usage and settings).
  • Notifications for calls, texts, and app notifications (limited reply capabilities).
  • 21 workout profiles with connected GPS for outdoor activities.
  • Fitbit Premium subscription for advanced features and additional workouts.
  • Sleep tracking with detailed sleep data.
  • Heart rate accuracy for most activities.
  • Lightweight and comfortable design with customizable straps.
  • Always-on display option.
  • Price: $99.

Fitbit Inspire 4 Heath monitoring Sensors

Some other things that are new with this device compared to the previous version is it now has an SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen, which will give you more in-depth sleep analytics, more accurate sleep tracking as well.

We have a 50-meter waterproof rating, so you can go swimming with this with no problem at all. And of course, as I said, that new display.

We’ve got 20 different exercises you can track; you can have six shortcuts on the device itself, and when you’re tracking workouts, Fitbit uses what’s called active Zone minutes.

when you’re working out with a higher heart rate, it’ll give you more active Zone minutes. When you’re working out more casually like a walk, it’ll give you lower active Zone minutes, and it makes it like a nice easy way to kind of track how much work.

Additionally, we have well-being, which, once again, is a summary. It tracks your skin temperature, blood oxygen, heart rate, heart rate variability, but rather than giving you all those as separate information throughout the app, it gives you a nice easy-to-read location.

We’ve got the daily Readiness score once again, which is similar to Garmin’s body battery, and this will tell you basically the biggest summary

Heart rate accuracy is decent for most activities. It occasionally had minor discrepancies during rapid heart rate changes. For the price, it provides meaningful data.


In summary, the Fitbit Inspire 4 offers impressive value for its $99 price tag. The decision to extend Fitbit Premium beyond the six-month trial will depend on your needs. Regardless, the device’s other features alone make it well worth the price. If you have any questions about the Fitbit Inspire 4 or anything not covered in this article, please leave them in the comments. If you found this information helpful,

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